Black Index

Launched in March 2016 from Obverse Books, The Black Archive is a series of book-length looks at single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day.

The Archive publishes twelve titles each year, in simultaneous digital and print editions. Each title is a twenty to forty thousand word study of a single televised Doctor Who story, drawing on all eras of the series’ history.

Series editor Philip Purser-Hallard explains the premise of the series as follows:

‘Doctor Who is endlessly fascinating, a powerful storytelling engine about which many millions of words have been written over the years. There are certain stories, though, from all eras of the programme’s history, which are exceptionally deep and rewarding – whether because of their unusually powerful writing, rich symbolism or complex themes. Stories like The Massacre, Kinda, Ghost Light, Midnight or Vincent and the Doctor demand to be explored at greater length and in more depth than a website review or entry in an episode guide.

‘With this series of critical monographs, these Doctor Who stories can receive the detailed treatment that they so eminently deserve. Our primary emphasis is on the stories as stories, rather than the behind-the-scenes history which has been covered in admirable depth elsewhere. While we aim to make an authoritative and significant contribution to the overall critical conversation about Doctor Who, we intend each of these books to be entertaining as well as of academic interest.’

Praise for the Black Archive
‘…a fascinating series of short books on different serials from Doctor Who’s long history’ – Sci-Fi Bulletin
‘…a brilliant idea; a perfectly considered level of granular focus that has loads of room to find new things to say about tired old stories without sacrificing readability or approachability’ – Eruditorum Press
‘Shedding new light on an old subject… is a grandly ambitious thing to attempt with something as exhaustively detailed as Doctor Who. But they actually manage it. Treat your bookshelf.’ – Doctor Who Magazine
‘This series of books, each focusing on a specific Doctor Who story, manages to be both singular and incredibly diverse. Though each release is united by the view that the program’s stories warrant serious analysis rather than just a recitation of production notes, the line is striking not just for the variety of stories featured but also the range of approaches taken.’ – We Are Cult

Overseas Customers

Due to the extremely high charge made by the Royal Mail for postage to Australia and New Zealand in particular, selected Black Archive titles are now available in a Lulu edition.  Click on the link below to access our Lulu shop.

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Mechandise from the Black Archive
Artist Blair Bidmead creates the icons for each Black Archive, and he’s now used those icons on t-shirts, tote bags, postcards and all sorts…

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