Fourth Doctor (1974-1981)

One of the most iconic of the ‘ancient aliens as gods’ school of Doctor Who, Pyramids of Mars (1975) retells the deicidal struggles of Egyptian mythology as science fiction. Kate Orman traces the story’s roots in Orientalist fiction through the Universal and Hammer ‘Mummy’ films.
Image of the Fendahl (1977) is a fusion of the Gothic tradition of mid-1970s Doctor Who with the colder ‘post-Gothic’ tradition of Nigel Kneale and HP Lovecraft. Simon Bucher-Jones explains the literary sources and scientific ideas underlying the story, from palaeoarchaeology to horror cinema.
FULL CIRCLE (To be published in February 2018)
John Toon examines Full Circle (1980) – a story of purpose-driven evolution, cyclical history and a planet which may function as a single organism – and wonders whether Doctor Who script editor Christopher Bidmead’s vision was really rooted in scientific principles, or in parascientific mysticism.