2018 Schedule Change

Thanks to circumstances beyond our control, our previously-announced 2018 Black Archive title on The Twin Dilemma is indefinitely on hold. Instead Jon Arnold, author of the acclaimed The Black Archive #1: Rose and the Black Archive #10: Scream of the Shalka, will be stepping into the breach with a study of Steven Moffat’s debut story as showrunner, and Matt Smith’s as the 11th Doctor, The Eleventh Hour (2010).

This has necessitated some reorganisation of the schedule for the beginning of 2018, which now runs as follows:

•        January – The Black Archive #15: Carnival of Monsters by Ian Potter

•        February – The Black Archive #16: Full Circle by John Toon

•        March – The Black Archive #17: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit by Simon Bucher-Jones

•        April – The Black Archive #18: Marco Polo by Dene October

•        May – The Black Archive #19: The Eleventh Hour by Jon Arnold

From June our titles will continue as previously announced:

•        June – The Black Archive #20: Face the Raven by Sarah Groenewegen

•        July – The Black Archive #21: Heaven Sent by Kara Dennison

•        August – The Black Archive #22: Hell Bent by Alyssa Franke

•        September – The Black Archive #23: The Curse of Fenric by Una McCormack

•        October – The Black Archive #24: The Time Warrior by Matthew Kilburn

•        November – The Black Archive #25: Doctor Who (1996) by Paul Driscoll

•        December – The Black Archive #26: The Dæmons by Matt Barber

Titles for 2019 will be announced in due course.