The Silver Archive

Following the positive reaction to our Black Archive series of critical monographs on Doctor Who, Obverse Books is delighted to announce the launch of a new sister range, the Silver Archive.

Where the Black Archive’s focus is purely on Doctor Who, the Silver grew out of a recognition on our part that there were any number of other series which would reward investigation in a similar manner.  From early, primitive BBC forays into science fiction, through the folk horror serials of the 1970s and the conspiracy theories of the ’90s, all the way to Netflix and Amazon generation, the Silver Archive will  cast an eye over the very best of genre television.

Range editor Stuart Douglas explained what attracted him to the idea of the Silver Archive.

“There’s such a rich history of genre television, and yet discussion of individual series still tend to concentrate on a few big names while the rest are effectively ignored, usually on the basis that there simply isn’t a large enough fanbase to justify a full length analysis.

“The Silver Archive, by allowing writers to narrow their focus to one season or serial, or even a single episode, transcends that problem, and lets us open windows on a wide range of shows, some fondly remembered, some almost forgotten and in need of rehabilitation.

“The Black Archive demonstrated that there is a readership out there eager for our type of detailed story analysis – the Silver Archive will build on that and will, I hope, be equally well received.”

Currently Available

The Christmas Box – Paul Magrs

Volume 1: Sapphire and Steel: Assignments 1 & 2 – David and Lesley McIntee

Volume 2: Sapphire and Steel: Assignments 3 & 4 – Cody Schell

Volume 3: Sapphire and Steel: Assignments 5 & 6– James Cooray-Smith

Volume 4: Stranger Things – Paul Driscoll

Coming Soon

Volume 5: The Strange World of Gurney Slade – Andrew Hickey

Volume 6: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Innocence – Jon Arnold


Volume 7: Dark Skies – Matthew Kresal

Volume 8: A for Andromeda – Michael Seely

Volume 9: The Prisoner: Free for All – Jonathan Dennis

Volume 10: A Series of Unfortunate Events – Kara Dennison

Volume 11: The Stone Tape – Philip Bates

Volume 12: Millennium: Season 2 – Robert Smith?

Volume 13: Children of the Stones – Nick Campbell