Ninth Doctor (2005)

Before Rose there was Scream of the Shalka (2003), an animated webcast reviving Doctor Who with a new, ninth, Doctor. Jon Arnold considers how Paul Cornell’s script reinvents the Doctor, his companions and universe, and how it nevertheless falls short of 2005’s successful revival.
Doctor Who’s return in Rose (2005) triumphantly re-imagines the series for the 21st century, grounding it in a world of council estates, soap operas and reality TV, and showing us its new Doctor through the eyes of Rose Tyler. Jon Arnold analyses how it succeeds so dramatically.
THE UNQUIET DEAD (To be published in July 2020)
In The Unquiet Dead (2005), Doctor Who’s long relationship with Dickens and his brand of Victoriana reaches its logical conclusion. Erin Horáková considers how far the story is informed by Dickens, his biography, and the politics and morals of his time, and how it repackages them for its own.