Seventh Doctor (1987-1989)

BATTLEFIELD (To be published in August 2019)
Battlefield (1989) is a clash of mythologies: the authoritarian, chivalric British nationalism of King Arthur with late-1980s Doctor Who’s radical politics, diversity and occasional pacifism. Philip Purser-Hallard ponders questions of war, Britishness, predestination and the secrets in names.
Still one Doctor Who’s most densely complex stories, Ghost Light (1989) is a true antecedent of the 21st-century series. Jonathan Dennis explores its bricolage of literary and scientific influences, and argues that its true theme is not biological evolution, but Social Darwinism.
Part of the most complex and unsettling 20th-century season of Doctor Who, The Curse of Fenric (1989) deals with issues of faith and family, nature and nurture, and the morality or otherwise of war. Una McCormack has written elsewhere on the treatment of World War II in Doctor Who.