Third Doctor (1970-1974)

In one of Doctor Who’s finest seasons, The Ambassadors of Death (1970) showcases the programme at its most adult, exposing the best and worst of human nature. LM Myles offers an appreciation of a story with no true villains, produced at a crucial, transitional time.
THE DÆMONS (To be published in December 2018)
Matt Barber explains how The Dæmons (1971) draws on diverse influences in the immediate zeitgeist – New Age witchcraft, British ‘folk horror’ cinema, the theories of Erich von Däniken, the ‘cosy catastrophes’ of John Wyndham – before embarking on a psychogeographical location tour.
CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS (To be published in February 2018)
Carnival of Monsters (1973) is a TV serial about tiny people kept inside a machine to entertain the masses. Ian Potter looks at what this most self-aware of Doctor Who stories tells us about class, race and the social order, about how language mediates them, and about the Doctor’s moral authority.
THE TIME WARRIOR (To be published in October 2018)
Originally conceived as a satire on the Vietnam War, The Time Warrior (1973-74) became a story which anticipated the Gothic mode of later Doctor Who. Matthew Kilburn considers its presentation of feminism, its relaxed approach to history, and its paradoxically unique villain.