Thirteenth Doctor (2018-)

A story explicitly about hidden depths, Arachnids in the UK (2018) reminds us of one of humanity’s archetypal phobias. Sam Maleski explores the symbolism of spiders, the use of horror tropes generally, and the politics underlying this example of Chris Chibnall’s ‘Sheffield Gothic’ Doctor Who.
Kerblam! (2018) defies expectations by showing us a corporate dystopia that proves to be merely ordinary, and a Doctor who refuses to overthrow the System. Naomi Jacobs and Tom Rodebaugh look into the science and politics of artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things.
THE BATTLE OF RANSKOOR AV KOLOS (To be published in 2021)
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos (2018) rounds off a season taking Doctor Who into new realms of spirituality. New Testament scholar James F McGrath looks at the religion of the Ux, Tzim-Sha’s delusions of godhead, and the faith of the Doctor and her companions.
THE HAUNTING OF VILLA DIODATI (To be published in 2021)
2020’s The Haunting of Villa Diodati delves deep into Doctor Who‘s long association with the Gothic by presenting the origins of Frankenstein and the lives of the Shelley Circle. Philip Purser-Hallard investigates its roots in the apocalyptic darkness of 1816.