‘In 1970, the Doctor Who franchise appeared to be in rude health. Jon Pertwee’s new Doctor had arrived on TV, the first to appear on the small screen in colour. At the cinema, the Dr Who films jointly produced by Amicus (under their Aaru subsidiary) and Hammer Films had been evolving and gaining a loyal following for Peter Cushing’s eccentric Dr Who.

Before the fifth film, Dr Who and the Yeti Invasion of London, was released work had already begun on preparing the sixth and seventh instalments in the series.

– Extract from From Shepperton to Skaro: Dr. Who on the Big Screen by Michael Loggins.

Obverse Books is proud to offer books five to eight in the continuing adventures of Dr Who, the brilliant Earth scientist and inventor of that miraculous time and space machine, Tardis, as played by Peter Cushing. With all profits going to the NHS, these novelisations of 3 films and one radio series, will delight all fans of the good Doctor and his ever expanding family!

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