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A Treasury of Brenda and Effie

That night I dream about Whitby.  It’s the place that Effie says I belong to. I’m sitting in a cosy room, with a small window overlooking a storm-lashed town. I can hear the sea, an endlessly restless noise. The fire crackles in the grate and I’m sipping a very sweet and delicious drink from a […]

Senor 105: The Five Faces of Fear

Senor 105: The Five Faces of Fear by Jay Eales 1972: El Acantilado – Fear of Heights. Lampalagua – Fear of Snakes. El Oscuro – Fear of Darkness. Tarántula – Fear of Spiders. Rata-Rey – Fear of Rats. Together, they were the Five Faces of Fear, among Mexico’s greatest heroes. Then the King Rat himself, […]

02 – More Tales of the City

The Long-Distance Somnambulist – Ian Potter Double Trouble at the Parasites on the Proletariat Club – Simon Bucher-Jones Eternity Is Just for Starters – Susannah Tiller Born among Briars – Jay Eales The Mystery of the Rose – Richard Wright The Isis Method – Kelly Hale Linking material – Philip Purser-Hallard Internal illustrations by Nick […]

Faction Paradox: A Romance in 12 Parts

CONTENTS Storyteller by Matt Kimpton Gramps by Jonathan Dennis Mightier than the Sword by Jay Eales Now or Thereabouts by Blair Bidmead Nothing Lasts Forever by David N Smith and Violet Harrison Library Pictures by Stuart Douglas Holding Pattern by Scott Harrison The Story of the Peace by Ian Potter Print the Legend by Daniel O’Mahony Tonton Macoute by Dave Hoskin Alchemy by James Milton A […]

Faction Paradox: The Book of the Enemy

The Great Houses hold chains that bind time and space. They are the Namers and the Makers, of all that is.  Their power is incalculable.  And they are at War. But the nature of their Enemy has always been shrouded, in mystery, in enigma, perceived through mirrored labyrinths seemingly constructed as much by the Great […]

06 – Stranger Tales of the City

The knights hospitaller have just woken to a second life in a City the size of a galaxy.  Two strangers from a far-distant future are flung together on Resurrection Day.  A window-seller visits a claustrophobic suburb and finds it full of mystery.  A Remake gunslinger seeks a new role from the one he was  always […]

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme

Samhain is one of those little snow-covered villages that look as if they haven’t changed in the last thousand years. But Iris Wildthyme has been back to the village time and time again, and every visit brings its own unique adventures. Because there is a fancy dress shop in the heart of the village, with […]

Faction Paradox: Burning with Optimism’s Flames

   ‘I can remember asking him, “What are the stars? Where do they come from?”      ‘He would tell me that the stars are burning worlds, caught forever in their unending flames, raging, roaring against the night. They look out beyond their fragile spheres for places of calm and serenity to shine their brightness and bring life. […]

Press Release: Faction Paradox 2012

Obverse Books will be taking over the Faction Paradox prose license in its entirety from 2012.  The following line-up of books will be released next year… Novels Against Nature – Lawrence Burton “Goralschai, a first wave veteran of the House Military, returns from the front bearing a death wish the size of creation. The spiral […]