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Shooty Dog Thing: 2th and Claw (Volume 2) – Paul Castle

Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw follows hot on the heels of the original, internationally acclaimed Shooty Dog Thing collection. Containing 100% new material, ‘Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw’ features the best in contemporary Doctor Who fan writing.

Shooty Dog Thing (Volume 1) – Paul Castle

Since the 1970s, Doctor Who fans have written and produced fanzines. Some of the most quirky, passionate and subversive writing is still to be found in the pages of lovingly crafted, home-spun, desktop-published fanzines, and Shooty Dog Thing is no exception. Cool and accessible, Shooty Dog Thing has inspired a new wave of fandom. This […]

The 500 Year Diary (Volume 1) – Paul Castle

The 500 year Diary is a story guide in multiple volumes – but unlike every other guide the 500 Year Diary will cover every single individual Doctor Who story – in every format – from “An Unearthly Child” on 23rd November 1963 to, well, to whatever happens to be the absolute most recent story when […]

The Perennial Miss Wildthyme

Samhain is one of those little snow-covered villages that look as if they haven’t changed in the last thousand years. But Iris Wildthyme has been back to the village time and time again, and every visit brings its own unique adventures. Because there is a fancy dress shop in the heart of the village, with […]