Traditional Melodies Decomposed by Aïr – Aïr

This is the kind of thing Bandcamp seems designed for to me.  Mellow, laid back layers of Krautrock influenced improvisations by four Finns – plus a cover of a Guru Guru song!

Aïr apparently started life as a noise duo, but morphed into a quartet in the late 90s, and put out this collection of four tracks recorded in 1999 in early 2017.

There’s a bit of everything in here.  Chilled freeform psych guitar lines meander up to  noisy garage freakout on ‘Multiple Mirages of a Nomad’, someone plays digeridoo on the more experimental live track ‘Kula Ring’, the cover of Guru Guru’s ‘Next Time See You at the Dalai Lhama’ is solidly enjoyable and ‘Camel Hair’ is a proper extended guitar work out, ending in feedback and effects pedal antics.

Nothing massively original, then, but well worth seeking out and spending a few quid on…

If you only listen to one track listen to this

(digital only)


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