The Defenestration of Prince and Others

It’s presumably the bits and pieces, the warm ups and run throughs, leftover from Martin Rossiter’s debut album The Defenestration of St.Martin (which everyone should definitely listen to), or maybe it’s deliberate EP which Rossiter put together for fans of the LP.  Who knows, but either way it’s a fantatsic companion piece,with four piano led over versions very much in the style of St.Martin.

My favourite track is the opening ’27 Strangers’ by a band called Villagers, who I’d never heard of (and whose other songs turned out, sadly, not to be quite so good), but all four tracks are great, and the cover of Prince’s ‘if I was your Girlfriend’ gets bonus points for unexpectedness).

If you only listen to one track, listen to this:

Digital only, sadly.

Oh, and here’s the Villagers original, just because it’s ace.

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