You got to have a code…Part 3

Noir by Yessurr

I have to admit that I have a real fondness this kind of mellow hip-hop. From smash hits like Guru’s Jazzamatazz series all the way to relative obscurities like The Lee Curtis Connection (if you ever see a copy of his Hip Journey lp, buy it – you won’t be disappointed!), I’ve always had a lot of time for this sub-genre. And this is a great example too, a mix of instrumentals and laid back raps, over jazzy sax, piano and soft drums, it’s short in length but big in feeling. Ideal late night listening.


Bossanova Infinita by Da Souza & Regalim

I’m not 100% sure if this is a split release with two bands sharing the same digital album, or if it’s the same band demonstrating the two strings to their musical bow – but the tracks labelled Da Souza are fine examples of upbeat indie pop music, and Regalim take a more dreamy, lo-fi emo approach. I prefer the Regalim tracks personally, but both bands (if that’s what they are) have created some lovely songs and the mix on this release works really well.


A Story that begins with a dance by Mashiro Narita (sadly, this record seems already to have gone from bandcamp)

IDM/techno from a Japanese musician. It’s the sort of IDM I quite like – not too drum or mega bass heavy (i.e. not likely to cause your heart to burst) with funky keyboards and intelligently placed samples. Does pretty much exactly what you’d expect and there’s nothing wrong with that. Play this loud and, until lockdown is lifted and the clubs re-open, dance round your living room.


Solitary Moon by Earlyguard

Glorious, long, sweeping drones, where notes hang and stretch in space. The sound of the inter-planetary void, blissful and wordless, and of our voyage through it. I played this on headphones on, late at night, on repeat, and drifted off and woke up, then drifted off again more than once. And every time I heard one of the tracks playing as I came to, I felt terribly warm and comfortable. A strange, mellow collection of sounds. And if you think I sound pretentious talking about this, well, shit – sue me 🙂


Secrets of Love by Tame Werewolf

From the album title onwards this is full blown Europop! Big bouncy basslines, fast electronic drums, treated vocals and enough keyboard riffs to keep Rick Wakeman happy. It’s music for dancing to, and right enough, even an old fogey like myself soon found his foot tapping (which is the equivalent to dancing for Scotsmen in their fifties!). Infectious is the word for this, I think.

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