You got to have a code…Part 4

I Should not be Here by Sarys

Gorgeous mournful piano (well, it’s chiptune, so presumably actually all electronic, but it sounds like piano to me), combined with mystical voices which impose themselves on the music like angels. I can hear the influences of Ryuichi Sakamoto most strongly (the track Shima Moe is heavily indebted to his Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence theme), but not so closely as to be slavish imitation. The last track Tenshi features a beautiful, sorrowful and unexpected vocal in Japanese, which serves as a fitting conclusion to the album. This is a release that will definitely be going on again very soon, and is one I’d happily buy on cd.


Tales of Téli by SolisSolis

More chilled hop-hop beats, with minimal lyrics and lots of mellow instrumentation. It’s laid back and nicely done, something with which to while away a lazy half hour one sunny afternoon.


Hauser Person by Hermann Holsgr

This, on the other hand, is music which asks for, and requires, the full attention of the listener. If you’ve seen the episode eight of the relaunched Twin Peaks, the episode where Bob is born in a nuclear blast, then you know the kind of music I mean. Don’t engage, and you’ll often think it’s just random noises, but concentrate, and you can hear all sorts rising to the surface of the maelstrom (to test whether this is for you, try listening to the track Misanthrop, which is full of sound and fury, but which most definitely does not signify nothing). One to listen to again and again, I think.


Domestos Enema c​/​w Living My Best Life by Retirement Community

Last month I listened to an excellent album which began with a sample of Joyce Grenfell discussing her life in the 1920s (in fact, I reviewed it here). Today, I listened to this single, the a-side to which features Donald Trump’s infamous speech about the usefulness of drinking detergent to combat Covid. Obviously, I prefer Grenfell to Trump as a person, but the cut-up of the orange halfwit’s words works as a powerfully hypnotic counterpoint to the musique concrete sounds behind them. The flipside, Living my Best Life, features a less hideous human being discussing his eating habits over backing that reminded me of Cabaret Voltaire, which is clearly no bad thing. All in all, this is a solid debut – check it out, as the music mags used to say in the days of my youth.


Synesthesia by Rohan

Superior jazz which wears it influences very much on its sleeves – Chet Baker, Miles Davis – combined with electronic backing, which makes for a very pleasurable listening experience. The only thing I’d fault it for is that tracks are too short – I’d like to have heard some of the ideas on display stretched out a bit longer (on the track El Gare in particular).

A Better Tomorrow by Phirnis

A single 20 minute long drone which has a little bit of everything in it. Treated vocals used as instruments, echoing beats and long held fluid notes, found sound and hauntological musings.

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