You got to have a code…Part 6

Further music I only heard because I randomly cashed in some Bandcamp free yum codes…

Souls of the Disconnect of the Souls by Darren j Holloway

Spare and melancholy, composed primarily of long keyboard drones, interspersed with tiny fragments of half-heard guitar. The accompanying description on Bandcamp talks about listening while walking past isolated buildings and empty fields, and I can see that, like a lost soundtrack to A Field in England.

Two Blues by The Kintners

A pair of electric blues, with hints of bluegrass and moments of slide, but most comfortably slotted into that large and hard to pin down indie/folk bucket that usually gets labelled Americana nowadays. Think a bluesier Handsome Family, and you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Tree Songs 2 by dogsplusplus

See, there you go – one of the unexpected delights of this odyssey through music I got for nothing is discovering not just new bands, not even new genres, but whole new ways of making music that I’d never even knew existed.  Case in point – dogplusplus makes his music using a Gameboy loaded with the Little Sound DJ cartridge. And though you’d expect, perhaps, that music created in this way would be a bit one note (as it were), it’s actually surprisingly varied and really very good (and not just for folk like me and my pal Scott who like the music from old Commodore 64 games). Just listen to the first track on this album, ‘Welcome to the Woods’, and tell me it’s not a gorgeous, melancholy tune.

Love the cover art too.

Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey by Snippet

This takes a while to get going, with the first couple of tracks a bit too deliberately quirky for comfort, but then it kicks in and becomes a solid album of engaging lo-fi guitar pop. Well, a half album anyway, because from the track Sneer onwards the songs sound like they belong on another album completely, one with a more soulful edge, and even a bit of what’s almost bossanova!

Death Cult by Amish Noise

A single track of metal guitar music from the punkier end of the gene pool, with some slightly perplexing lyrics about free will and sheep, but a chorus which screams out Dead Kennedys, so I’m completely on board for that

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