Spearhead from Space

Before The X-Files

It’s Hinchcliffe before Hinchcliffe

With scary Autons.

Doctor Who and the Silurians

Brilliant, if slow,

Malcolm Hulke does the Cold War

Thoughtful and spiky.

The Ambassadors of Death

Random gibberish,

Saved by cast and production

But it has power.



Simple, but huge and gripping

Seven-parters rule!

Terror of the Autons

Holmes’s weakest script.

It’s random Master nonsense,

But still evil fun.

The Mind of Evil

Plot’s a bit messy

But it’s fun and hard as nails.

Watch in black-and-white.

The Claws of Axos

Fairly stupid, but

Also funny, with a theme.

It’s enjoyable!

Colony in Space

Hulke’s social conscience

Instead of a story.  Zzzzz.

Thoughtful, but dreary.

The Daemons

Endearing wibble.

Interchangeable plot beats

But iconic charm.

Day of the Daleks

Does the plot make sense?

Quite a strong Dalek story,

But where’s the ghost mood?

The Curse of Peladon

Good, but a bit dull.

Novelisation’s better.

I still love it, though.

The Sea Devils

Stupider, but more

Exciting than the first one.

It looks better too.

The Mutants

An underrated

Four-parter, but followed by

Two more episodes.

The Time Monster

Unlike ‘The Mutants’,

The first four episodes stink.

After that it’s good.

The Three Doctors

Genuinely good.

Omega’s monumental.

It’s also funny!

Carnival of Monsters

The coolest, oddest

Pertwee story, with Robert

Holmes on mighty form.

Frontier in Space

Hulke’s being stupid.

Funny, thoughtful, epic…  but

The plotting’s lazy.

Planet of the Daleks

Nation’s still doing

Sixties pacing, yes, but the

Production’s flaccid.

The Green Death

Working class miners,


Great baddies…  and Jo!

The Time Warrior

Gormless director

Gets the tone wrong, which isn’t

Robert Holmes’s fault.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Earnest and worthy

But a bit dull, except for

Reptile comedy.

Death to the Daleks

Dour, but cool ideas.

Galloway’s fascinating.

Interesting Daleks.

The Monster of Peladon

Sincere but plodding,

Almost an imitation

Of Hulke (in dull mode).

Planet of the Spiders


Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion

Terrance Dicks works hard,

Target’s first original


Doctor Who and the Cave-Monsters

The most important

Target book.  Shocking, savage

Hulke’s cold and angry.

Doctor Who – The Ambassadors of Death

By Terrance, alas.

It’s reasonably good, but

It should have been more.

Doctor Who – Inferno

Startlingly strong.

A simple plot suits Terrance

And he worked hard here.

Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons

An early Dicks book.

He isn’t lazy here, but

The plot’s trivial.

Doctor Who – The Mind of Evil

Terrance Dicks does well.

Surprisingly hard-hitting.

Another good one.

Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos

Fun and jolly, but

Quietly important with

a dodgy Doctor.

Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon

Even today, Hulke’s

Brilliant and shocking.  Wow.

But also joyless.

Doctor Who and the Dæmons

Best thing he’s written.

Forget Letts’s PDAs.

An absolute joy.

Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks

Strong, reliable

Dicks from his hard-working days.

A solid Target.

Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon

One of Target’s best.

Hayles wrote two, both brilliant:

A proper novel.

Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils

Death and tragedy

This stunning book’s flawed hero:

Governor Trenchard.

Doctor Who and the Mutants

A Target favourite.

Forget the TV story.

I love it to bits.

Doctor Who – The Time Monster

The worst Target book.

Everyone failed, both in prose

And in scriptwriting.

Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

Like a fairy tale.

The episodes were better,

But this is fun too.

Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters

Dicks makes it darker.

He’s angrier than Holmes was.

But it’s still funny.

Doctor Who and the Space War

Annoying and dumb

For the first hundred pages

But after that, great fun.

Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks

I’ve always liked this.

Outdoes the original.

Makes Nation look good.

Doctor Who and the Green Death

Hulke’s books still matter.

A serious novelist

Giving it his all.

Doctor Who and the Time Warrior

Sort of piddling.

Does this tale really matter?

But I enjoyed it.

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion

Again, Malcolm Hulke

Transcends the original.

An angry novel.

Doctor Who – Death to the Daleks

Underrated, but

Terrance fails with Galloway.

I still like it, though.

Doctor Who and the Monster of Peladon

Terrance Dicks ain’t Hayles.

It’s mediocre, frankly.

Ortron’s got dumber.

Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders

More conventional

Than the TV story, but

I still admire it.

The Paradise of Death

The plot’s wet cardboard.

The prose is breathless cliches.

I found it a laugh.

Daemos Rising

Faithful to the film,

Because that’s also worthless.

There’s just nothing here.


The Ghosts of N-Space

Hated at the time.

The afterlife’s un-Whoish,

But it’s middling.

Dancing the Code

Faceless enemies.

Dull plotting.  Leonard never

Fared well with Pertwee.

The Eye of the Giant

World Distributors

Brain-dead and resurrected

By Bulis.  (It’s fun.)

Scales of Injustice

Disjointed plotting,

But Gary Russell’s best book.

Grim and sinister.

Speed of Flight

Superb world-building,

Dramatic developments,

Forgettable cast.

Who Killed Kennedy

Unique and special,

Beyond any previous


The Devil Goblins from Neptune

All forgettable:

Aliens, baddies, plot.

Fun, but throwaway.

The Face of the Enemy

McIntee’s wanking

But it is actually cool.

The Master’s mighty.


Brain not required.

Terrance on autopilot.

Charming and funny.

The Wages of Sin

Pertwee historical,

Simple, straightforward, Russian.

It’s actually fine.

Last of the Gaderene

Gatiss apes Target,

Warm, happy and confident.

But overrated.


The wondrous Magrs, but

Simpler than his 8DAs.

I must reread this.


Unpleasant, ugly,

Drugs, violence, in your face,

I worship this book.

Amorality Tale

Simple, almost Dicks,

But evil bastard gangsters

Make it really work.

The Suns of Caresh

Sincere, hard SF.

Good ideas.  But fades in the

Last eighty pages.

Deadly Reunion

Letts writes well about

Post-war National Service

The rest is dribble.

Island of Death

Lacking confidence.

More competent than some of

Letts’s books, but dull.


Speed-written tosh

From someone who could write, but

Hadn’t bothered here.

Harvest of Time

Boring when on Earth,

Gets good in the far future,

Both flabby and strong.

The Spear of Destiny

Funny and lively,

Good characterisation,

I liked the history.

Salt of the Earth

Down-to-earth, high-tech,

Real science in Australia.

Serious and good.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller

I really liked it.

The Doctor’s dying after

Metebelis III.


The Arkwood Experiments

Loopy gibberish

With attack parrots and an

Evil ten-year-old.

The Multi-Mobile

Mindlessly okay.

A super-tank wreaks havoc,

But forgettably.


TV Comic beats

‘Planet of the Spiders’ and

‘The Green Death’, by years.

The Metal Eaters

This one’s more thoughtful.

Intelligent aliens

Who’ll eat your fences.

The Fishmen of Carpantha

Again, more grown-up.

Rewrites ‘The Silurians’

With nice fish people.

The Rocks from Venus

Next, a version of

‘The Ambassadors of Death’.

With deviations.

Doctor Who and the Robot

Just like its namesake

TV story, but Robbie’s

More adorable.

Trial of Fire

Based on ‘Inferno’?

Maybe, plus the Fire People

At the planet’s core.

The Kingdom Builders

In a thousand years,

A feudal England will have

Kings and bulldozers.

Gemini Plan

The golden age of

Countdown, with gorgeous paintings…

But a boring script.


Pure historical

With Nazis, World War Two and

The French Resistance.

The Vogan Slaves

The evil Vogans

Are tragic, while the Doctor

Is genocidal.

The Celluloid Midas


Plastic people (not Autons)

And a small village.


Pure historical

With Dickensian London,

The Wild West and Oz.

The Eternal Present

Crazy futures and

Victorian time travel.

Countdown’s best story.


Dalek runaround.

Its original ideas

Don’t save it, frankly.

The Planet of the Daleks

Empty action tripe

But the one-off companion

is villainous fun.

A Stitch in Time


Another future London,

Bonkers, but empty.

The Enemy from Nowhere

Serious SF,

Unknowable aliens

And a thoughtful script.

The Ugrakks

Rambling, dull SF

But laudably serious

With good worldbuilding.


Cool foreign gangsters,

Hypno-rays, an old sea dog…

But no steel fisting.

Zeron Invasion

It’s like Quatermass.

Civilisation’s crumbling.

The army burns trains.

Deadly Choice

A friendly abbot,

Wants to blow up scientists

And so save the world.

Who is the Stranger

World War Two again,

With Nazi-occupied France.

Good strip, weak ending.

The Glen of Sleeping

The Master visits

The battle of Culloden

And goes nuclear.

The Threat from Beneath

Dull Daleks, again.

Another nuclear sub.

It’s short and pointless.

Kcab to the Sun

‘Trial by Fire’’s

Fire People (probably).

Better art…  but dull.


A dinosaur world,

With caveman apes and spiders

Like Dan Dare’s Mekon.

The Amateur

Science-hating and

disjointed, but amusing.


The Disintegrator

Incoherent and

Perfunctory, but funny

As Daleks rob banks.

Is Anyone There?

More knuckle-dragging,

But the second half is great…

Until the reset.

Size Control

Wonderfully wacky:

Godzilla-sized insects find

A tiny TARDIS.

The Magician

Medieval magic

Is real, with astrology

And cauldron science.

The Metal-Eaters

A mad scientist

And his buck-toothed daughter make

Metal-eating bugs.

Lords of the Ether

Lunar explorers

Meet Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb.

Sinister and good.

The Wanderers

Doddery hero

With principles.  Aliens

Refuse to invade!

Assassin from Space

Bonkers two-pager.

Dr Who commits murder

In TV Comic.


Dr Who in drag

Robs a vault, while looking like

A sex offender.


Troughton’s recorder,

The Brigadier’s private yacht

And fish hypnosis.


Dr Who teaches

Himself how to levitate,

From a book.  Awesome.

The Plant Master

A mad scientist

Grows a plant that eats his house.

Get the weedkiller!

Ride to Nowhere

More science-hating.

Technological progress

Is wrong and evil.


Great art, nice story.

Fog swallows a seaside town.

A blind man saves us.

Secret of the Tower

A villain who’s not

The Master at all, no, no,

Targets the crown jewels.

The Time Thief

It’s ‘The Time Monster’!

But better.  More exciting.

Carried by the art.

Menace of the Molags

Daemons visit Earth.

They’re wise and benevolent.

We’re all savages.

The Hungry Planet

A living planet

Drains the TARDIS’s power.

So Dr Who kills.


Poison gas in space.

A planet will go nova.

Evacuate Earth!

Perils of Paris


comedic historical,

In both art and script.

Who’s Who?

Scary, violent,

from another universe…

Criminal Doctor.

Dead on Arrival

Freaky undead Jo

Attends her own funeral

And sees aliens.

After the Revolution

It’s quite interesting.

After those revolutions,

What happened next, eh?


Alien toads raid

A planet like Ancient Greece.

Un-Whoish ending.

The Man in the Ion Mask

A conversation

With the Master in prison.

The plot weakens it.

Change of Mind

Barrie Mitchell’s great,

An old-school comics artist.

Orman’s serious.

Target Practice

Roberts is funny,

Which is rare-ish in comics.

Salmon fits it too.

The Forgotten – 3rd Doctor segment

It’s action nonsense,

But the Brigadier saves it.

It’s okay, actually.

Prisoners of Time 03: In With the Tide

Uninspired story,

but Mike Collins makes it fun.

Pertwee action!  Hai!

Heralds of Destruction

Slick and competent,

But meaningless.  The new Dicks!

The artwork’s good, though.

Invasion of the Scorpion Men


Pertwee-isms, but good art.

There’s no point in this.

Short Stories

The Thing from Outer Space!

It writes the Doctor

As the Brigadier, barking

orders to soldiers.

“and for my next trick…”

Startlingly like

‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang’.

Also, rather good.

The One Second Hour

A civil servant

Becomes a supervillain

And completely fails.

Smash Hit


Music concerts and long hair.

Hey, it’s groovy, man.

Signal S.O.S.

There’s a bomb in a

Nuclear power station.

The Doctor’s sexist.

A Visit to the Cinema

The Doctor watches

Peter Cushing’s Dalek films

And laughs his head off.

Country of the Blind

It’s explaining why

Liz left UNIT.  There are lots

Of stories like this.

Prelude: White Darkness

It’s a prose trailer

for ‘White Darkness’, McIntee’s

first New Adventure.


The Master visits

UNIT before Season 8.

Dicks knows it backwards.

The Hungry Bomb

By Gareth Roberts,

But with Chelonians and

No jokes.  It’s okay.

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

Following in Hulke’s

Scary, savage footsteps, to

Kill an innocent.

Prisoners of the Sun

An alt-universe

Story that’s quite good, until

The end collapses.

Where the Heart Is

Andy Lane writes a

Slick, smooth adventure that you’ll

Enjoy, then forget.

…And Eternity in an Hour

Decalog 3 sucks.

This is a chapter, not a

story.  It’s not great.

The Dragon of Hyacinth Lodge


Homage to Fawlty Towers,

Bond, etc.


The Doctor’s in an

escape-proof cell, mirroring

the Master’s capture.

Entertaining Mr. O.

Paul Magrs exploding

in kaleidoscopic shards.

I loved it, of course.

Honest Living

‘Day of the Daleks’

part 5, with paradoxes

instead of Daleks.

Countdown to TV Action

Gary Russell does

Pre-Marvel comics, which is

great.  Except the names.

The Dark Domain

I love the Moroks,

Although the ending needs work.

The premise is cool.

Still Lives

‘Inferno’ and its

parallel universes

crush a lost victim.

The Switching

A body-swap, with

the Doctor and the Master.

This is quite funny.

The Piper

Attempted horror

With the UNIT family

And kiddified prose.

The Christmas Inversion

Explosively great.

The Doctor, Jo and Mike Yates

Meet Jackie Tyler.

Mapp, Lucia and the Lords of Time


With unclear writing, but it’s

Thoughtful and funny.

The Monster in the Woods

Magrs is great, of course.

Likeable, down-to-earth kids

Find a metal friend.

Dr. Third

Nothing special, but

I like Pertwee’s costume and

the Ice Warriors.

The Clean Air Act


Can be wrong too, despite the

Doctor’s sympathies.

BBV & Reeltime

P.R.O.B.E. The Zero Imperative

Incredible cast.

McCoy steals it, narrowly,

But the script’s shapeless.

P.R.O.B.E. The Devil of Winterborne

Satanist horror,

Gatiss surprisingly strong,

But the ending fails.

P.R.O.B.E. Unnatural Selection

Dumb, but pleasingly

Gruesome and giving its cast

Plenty to chew on.

P.R.O.B.E. The Ghosts of Winterborne

Painfully stupid,

Muddy plot, bad director,

A struggle to watch.

P.R.O.B.E. When To Die

Twenty years later,

A sequel no one asked for.

Stupid but okay.


Abstract and spooky,

The first semi-pro fan film.

John Levene meets ghosts.

Daemos Rising

Incredibly dull,

Cressman isn’t an actress

And nothing happens.

Olive Hawthorne

The Science of Magic, and Vice Versa (aka Attack of the Gluons)

Miss Hawthorne in a

Nuclear research centre.

Silly and funny.

Miss Hawthorne and the Alpaca of Doom

Joyfully in love

With crazed continuity

Paul Magrs makes me laugh.

White Witch of Devil’s End

I want to like it,

But, alas, it can’t survive

Hayman’s autocue.

Olive Hawthorne and the Daemons of Devil’s End

An old lady in

A village, meeting legends.

I think it’s special.

Devil’s End: The Adventures of Olive Hawthorne

Laugh-out-loud silly

But in a good way.  Olive

Fights supervillains.

Odds and Sods

The Dr Who Annual (1971)

Hard-nosed UNIT and

Authentic Season 7.

The fiction’s good too.

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1972

Beautiful artwork,

Some interesting short stories,

A lavish homage.

The Dr Who Annual 1973

Surreal, but also

Far more sophisticated.

As if World’s grown up.

The Dr Who Annual 1974

Mystical, eerie,

It’s more interesting than its

Parent TV show.

The Dr Who Annual 1975

It’s shorter, dafter

and hugely entertaining.

Sometimes it’s superb.

The Unofficial Master Annual 2074

Delgado’s fannual.

All hail our evil hero!

Loved the comic strip.

1971 TV Comic annual

TV Comic’s most

Hilariously insane

Doctor Who stories.

1972 Countdown annual

Beautiful artwork

but middling adventures.

A handsome book, though.

1973 Countdown annual

Doctor Who’s the best

story here by miles, alas.

All the rest is dull.

1974 TV Action annual

Better than Countdown.

Less SF, stronger action…

But bad text stories.

1975 TV Comic annual

Unfunny funnies.

The adventure strips are gone,

Except Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Fights Masterplan “Q”

The Master’s army

Of hypnotised dinosaurs

And freshly laid eggs.

Glorious Goodwood

Publicity fluff

With Sladen, the theme music

And Dick Mills effects.

Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday

Big and serious.

Trevor Martin’s great, but there’s

a daft companion.

The Jon Pertwee Book of Monsters

Non-Who short stories

Which are horror, not SF.

Really rather good.

The Ultimate Adventure

Pantomime nonsense,

But fine if you accept that.

I enjoyed the songs.

The Paradise of Death (audio)

It does its job, but

It’s generic.  Good actors:

Innocent and Miles.

The Ghosts of N-Space (audio)

Absolutely crazed,

But hence also memorable.

Fandom hated it.

Devious (2009 DVD version)

Jon Pertwee appears

In his last role: a fan film.

It’s actually good.