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   Kaleidoscope finds - October 2016

The Avengers - 'Tunnel of Fear' tx: 05.08.1961

TV archivists and researchers, Kaleidoscope, have acquired the long-lost print of the series 1 Avengers' episode, “Tunnel of Fear”.

Chris Perry, speaking for the group, said "Kaleidoscope’s love affair with The Avengers goes back to watching the Channel 4 repeats; and then visiting the Pinewood studios to root around the old ABC archive to see what could be found. “The Frighteners” was found after seeing a clip on Ian Hendry’s This Is Your Life. “Hot Snow” turned up at UCLA. I remember Dave Rogers and I opening cans to find “The Golden Fleece”, which was the last Honor Blackman episode to be found. I also remember our surprise when we persuaded Lumiere to re-master the negs of Rigg and Thorson onto D3 and discovered the prints were longer than the C4 prints. Yes indeed, I have always had a love affair with The Avengers."

Also announced in October were the following returns:

Softly, Softly - 'Talk to Me' tx: 2.2.1966

Written by Kenneth Ware, directed by Shaun Sutton
With Alexis Kanner, Barry Letts, Douglas Blackwell, Milton Johns and Barlow and Watt as series leads.

There was a test-record ie pilot for Softly Softly recorded on 16th November 1965 which was transmitted as 'Talk To Me'. This is the pilot for Softly Softly.

Dr Finlay’s Casebook – 'A Questionable Practice' tx: 25.10.1963

Written by Anthony Steven, directed by Julia Smith.
with Andrew Cruickshank, Barbara Mullen and Bill Simpson as Dr Finlay; James Gibson, Kenneth Mackintosh, Jessie Morton, Peter Harvey.

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