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  B&W Dad's Army Episode Restored to Colour
The Dad's Army episode "Room at the Bottom" which previously only existed in black & white has been restored to the original colour using the full-gamut recovery technique which decodes colour information from burnt in chroma dots on the Film Recording.

The restoration was undertaken by the Colour Recovery Working Group & Richard Russell  who developed the process from work by James Insell,  and wrote the software used for processing.

The 'raw output' of the recovery process has been restored and VidFIREd by Peter Crocker at SVS and was graded by Jonathan Wood. Mark Ayres restored the sound which typical of optical film had various crackles and pops, so the midlands radio and tv recordist who recently returned 'A Stripe for Frazer' has provided the soundtrack from his off-air recording.  The restoration was overseen by Ralph Montagu.

Room at the Bottom will be broadcast in Colour, for the first time in almost 40 years on BBC2, Saturday 13th December 2008

chroma dots 
James Insell

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