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  Dad's Army Episode Soundtrack Recovered
Paul Vanezis has located an off-air SOUND recording of  the missing episode 'A Stripe for Frazer' from Dad's Army's second series in 1969. It's complete apart from part of the closing titles and even has the continuity.

The recording belonged to Ed Doolan, an enthusiast Paul came in to contact with in 2006  who recorded many radio and TV shows, from 1967 onwards, on to quarter inch tape

It is a line recording although quality is still variable with a level change in the middle. Nevertheless, still better than nothing.

In addition to the 'Stripe for Frazer' audio recovery, the same collector has also returned to the BBC the complete soundtrack for 'Christmas Night with the Stars' 1968 which includes the 'Dads Army' Christmas sketch which was thought completely missing.
Ed Doolan

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