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   Huge UK TV find at US Library of Congress

These are all drama programs sent to the New York public television station WNET between the late fifties and early seventies. They are in the WNET collection at the Library of Congress and they were catalogued by the Library as part of a process of digitisation that was underway. The Library came to Kaleidoscope, the archive television historians, and then they took the news to the BBC and ITV parties. Kaleidoscope brokered the deal for the BFI to handle all negotiations because so many different companies have copyright over the material. They are in 16mm and 2 inch formats.

Plays Unattached to a Series
27.10.59 Antigone* (BBC) w/Dorothy Tutin, David McCallum
1961 The First Gentleman* (Rediffusion) w/Susannah York
20.04.62 The Winter’s Tale* (BBC)
18.12.69 Rembrandt* (BBC) dir (Rudolph Cartier)
05.02.67 Much Ado About Nothing* (BBC)

Blood and Thunder (Granada)
04.01.65 The Changeling*
Victoria Regina (Granada)
20.11.64 Summer*
27.11.64 Autumn*

The Wednesday Play (BBC)
21.04.65 Auto Stop* w/David Hemmings
01.12.65 The Bond*

Play of the Month (BBC)
27.09.66 Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov*
03.12.67 Romeo and Juliet*

Thursday Theater (BBC)
24.12.64 The Young Elizabeth*
18.03.65 Anatol*
11.02.65 Naked Island*

Played Upon a Stage (Rediffusion)
She Stoops to Conquer
11.05.60 Part 1*
18.05.60 Part 2*
25.05.60 Part 3*

Theatre 625 (BBC)
26.09.65 Rosmersholm* (Rosmesholm)
28.11.65 The World of George Orwell: 1984*
29.05.66 She Stoops to Conquer*?
20.03.66 A Month in the Country*
02.01.66 Dr. Knock* w/Leonard Rossiter, John Le Mesurier
13.03.66 The Queen and the Welshman* w/Dorothy Tutin
27.03.66 The Seagull*
12.06.67 The Blood Knot*

Drama Playhouse (BBC)
07.12.70 The Onedin Line - The Wind Blows Free*

Play of the Week (Rediffusion)
30.01.57 The Wild Duck*
27.01.59 Killing of the King*
28.07.59 Dandy Dick*
02.02.60 The Flowering Cherry*
18.09.62 Freedom in September*w/Patrick Troughton
20.11.62 The Typewriter*
03.09.63 The Three Sisters*

The Sunday Night Play (BBC)
16.04.61 Charley’s Aunt*
21.01.62 The Rivals*

Sunday Night Theatre (BBC)
16.11.58 The Lower Depths*

Festival BBC
09.10.63 Fallen Angels*
16.10.63 The Duel*
20.05.64 Everyman*

Twentieth Century Theatre (BBC)
17.01.60 Colombe* w/Sean Connery, Dorothy Tutin
19.06.60 Insect Play (comedy)*

The Victorians (Granada) (entire series)
31.05.63 The Rent Day *
07.06.63 London Assurance*
14.06.63 Society*
21.06.63 The Ticket-Of-Leave Man*
28.06.63 Two Roses*
05.07.63 Still Waters Run Deep*
12.07.63 The Silver King*
19.07.63 Sweet Lavender*

Thirteen Against Fate BBC (complete)
26.06.66 Trapped*
10.07.66 The Widower*
17.07.66 The Judge*
24.07.66 The School Master*
31.07.66 The Witness*
07.08.66 The Friends*
14.08.66 The Survivors* dir (Rudolph Cartier)
28.08.66 The Murderer*
04.09.66 The Suspect*
11.09.66 The Consul*

Paris 1900 Granada (entire series)
02.10.64 Ribadier System*
09.10.64 Fashions for Ladies*
16.10.64 Lambert Affair*
23.10.64 Half a Husband*
30.10.64 The Ribbon*
06.11.64 Luck of the Game*

For Schools: Associated-Rediffusion ITV
18.03.59 Twelfth Night*
1962 Romeo and Juliet w/Jane Asher (third reel of three is missing)
Hamlet (edited together without program divisions)
22.10.63 Episode 1*
05.11.63 Episode 2*
12.11.63 Episode 3*
19.11.63 Episode 4*
26.11.63 Episode 5*

Television Playhouse (From Dupont Show of the Week)
04.01.63 The Ordeal Of Doctor Shannon* Rediffusion
12.09.63 To Bury Caesar* Rediffusion

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