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  2008 Missing Believed Wiped Recoveries
Christopher Perry of Kaleidoscope has published this year's list of recoveries including an episode of the BBC 60s soap The Newcomers.

Episode 59 now joins the pitifully few other existing episodes (51, 166, 172 and 227 out of 430) in the archives, (though film inserts for ep200 also survive).

The list in full:

Goodbye to ABC – 28.7.68 Midlands & North versions. 2” transfers from 405 line VT

Comedy Playhouse – The Siege of Sydney’s Street. 16mm t/r

Johnnie Ray Sings – 2 x 1960 editions. 16mm t/r

The Last Chronicle of Barset – 4: Mr Toogood Travels Professionally. 16mm t/r

Barlow – mute film seqs for Hit tx'd 13.2.74. 16mm film

Top of the Pops – Walker Brothers extract:
"(Baby) You Don't Have to Tell Me" – 16mm b/w telerecording of insert – probably never transmitted. (2 takes) Probably
rx'd 21.7.66. 16mm t/r

Z Cars – rushes for film sequences for Who's Your Friend...? tx 6-7.9.71.
16mm film

Thank Your Lucky Stars – Gerry and the Pacemakers extract. 16mm t/r

Lunch Hour – untx 1961 BBC play.
16mm t/r

Returned continuity – two ARTV links, one each side of an admag (ex-VT) plus three preserved Rediffusion links on CV2000 surrounding Jimmy Tarbuck material

Viewpoint – 6.5.64. 16mm t/r

Mad Movies – entire three seasons.
16mm film

Top of the Pops – 18.11.71 & 2.12.71.
Ex-Philips 1500

Take Hart – 5.4.77 and 26.4.77.
Ex-Philips 1500

The Newcomers – 26.4.66 ep 59. 2” transfer from 405 line VT

The Golden Shot – 30.1.72 (ex-16mm t/r) , 19.1.75, 26.1.75, 2.2.75, 9.2.75, 16.2.75, 23.2.75, 2.3.75, 9.3.75, 16.3.75, 23.3.75, 13.4.75 (ex-Betamax from Bob Monkhouse’s older formats)

My Pal Bob – 28.1.58 & The Letter. 16mm t/r

Thirty Minute Theatre – The Flip Side. 16mm t/r

Sunday Night at the London Palladium – 5.3.67 and 2.4.67. Ex-Sony V32 VT

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents – While the Circus Passes & One Can’t Help Feeling Sorry. 16mm film

ABC trailers for Armchair Theatre and Pop Shows. 35mm film

The Violent Years – 27.10.59. Located at East Anglian Film Archive

New Landmarks – 29.5.61. 16mm t/r

Wheelbase – 27.4.71. 16mm t/r

Ralph Thompson Draws an Insect : A Cricket – 23.7.61. 16mm t/r

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width – All that Glitters is not Gelt.
2” transfer from 405 line VT

Second City Firsts – Waiting at the Field Gate. Ex-Philips 1500

Chelsea at Nine – an edition. 16mm tr

The Dickie Henderson Show – The Maid. 16mm t/r

Man of Destiny – 1.10.55 final reel.
16mm film

Roundup – 30.4.64 The Beatles interview. 16mm t/r

Admags – around 30 complete editions. 16mm film

BBC trailers including ones for Detective, Murder in the Cathedral (2 versions), Sherlock Holmes (Wilmer), It's A Square World (x 2), The Proms and Juke Box Jury. Also a generic – What's on BBC Tonight. 16mm film

Sailor of Fortune – Stranger in Danger. 16mm film

Errol Flynn Theatre – Mademoiselle Fifi & Strange Auction. 16mm film

Crossroads – eps 126, 1884 & 1886. 16mm t/r

The Mindy Carson Show – 18.5.58.


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