Press Release: The Ninnies

Edinburgh, Scotland – 17/04/2012 – Obverse Books is delighted to announce a limited edition hardback release of ‘The Ninnies’, a new Young Adult novel from Paul Magrs, creator of Iris Wildthyme, Brenda and Effie and author of the best-selling AudioGo! Fourth Doctor adventures.

Available only from, ‘The Ninnies’ is fully illustrated throughout by award-winning artist Bret Herholz and costs costs £12.95.  Only 100 hardback copies of The Ninnies will be printed.

A deliciously dark tale of crunchy crisps, abridged animals and merciless Mancunian monsters. When you read The Ninnies you may laugh or you may cry – but you’ll definitely sleep with the lights on...” – Tommy Donbavand, author of Scream Street

The Ninnies whisks the reader away into the great dark stretch of some fabulous nightmare, pinned down by Paul Magrs with poetry and precision. Vivid fantasy with the warmest heart, best read by torchlight in the dark.” – Steve Cole, author of Astrosaurs