SA01 – Sapphire & Steel Assignments 1 & 2

“Let’s waken the dead, shall we?”

A remote cottage, where Time threatens the lives of two children.  The war dead return to haunt the living at an abandoned railway station.  Sapphire & Steel burst on television screens in 1980 with two iconic slices of folk horror, setting a high standard for the fondly remembered but all too brief series which followed.
In analysing a series which raised far more questions than it answered, David and Lesley McIntee consider myth and folklore, liminal spaces and paranormal activities, investigate memes and fairy tales, and wonder just how much of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey can be mapped onto the two agents, Sapphire and Steel.


  • Pages: 93
  • ISBN: 9781909031760



About the Authors

David McIntee is a novelist, who has written both original fiction and tie-in works for many of the largest franchises in television and movies.

Lesley McIntee graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with an MPhil on the figure of the Magus and the creative artist in German Romanticism. She has a lifelong interest in history of the occult, alchemy, myth and folklore.

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