SA02 – Sapphire & Steel Assignments 3 & 4

“One foot up and the other foot down, which is the way to London town?”


A family from the future are hunted by the animal they have inadvertently brought back in time.  A man with no face uses photographs to trap the unwary.


Sapphire & Steel takes its first step into straight science-fiction, as the agents confront a young couple from 1500 years in the future, and their Changeling baby, before coming up against perhaps the most striking and well-remembered character in the series, the faceless Shape and his nursery rhyme chanting ‘children’.


Cody Schell asks just who (or what) Sapphire and Steel really are, just how many invasions from the future there were, and whether there is another popular genre creator in the modern day who has created a show just as distinctive as Sapphire & Steel
  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 9781909031777



About the Author

Cody Schell is a dramatist, illustrator and short story writer, best known for the creation of masked wrestling superhero Senor 105, and his well-received Dark Shadows audio dramas.

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