02. The Massacre

The Black Archive – a series of book-length looks at single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day.

The Massacre (1966), a serial of disputed authorship, of which no video copy is known to survive, was one of the last of Doctor Who’s ‘past’ stories as originally defined. Produced during a fractious, transitional period in the series’ evolution, it nevertheless deals with the topic of religious civil strife in the Paris of 1572 with maturity and complexity, and from a variety of angles, many surprising for a tea-time adventure serial.

This Black Archive title looks at The Massacre both in terms of its place in Doctor Who’s ongoing production and public reception, and as a piece of historical fiction intimately concerned with Christianity which draws on a variety of primary and secondary sources, many of them never previously acknowledged in discussion of the serial.

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About the Author

James Cooray Smith contributed production notes to a number of the BBC’s Doctor Who DVD, and has written books and articles on popular culture for the New Statesman and others.

He is the author of The Black Archive #14: The Ultimate Foe and The Silver Archive #3: Sapphire & Steel Assignments V & VI.

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