26. The Daemons

‘We are dealing with the supernatural. The occult! Magic!’

Something is wrong in Devil’s End. An archaeologist is overly eager in his attempts to dig into a barrow, a local white witch is foretelling doom and destruction, and the old vicar has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The Dæmons (1971) is a celebration of occult and new age history and culture, a story that cherry-picks from sources as diverse as Goethe, Kneale and Lovecraft. But how did this most unusual Doctor Who story become such a nostalgic touchstone for the era?

  • Pages: 119
  • ISBN: 9781909031807


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About the Author

Matt Barber has a BA in Medieval Studies, an MA in the History and Literature of Witchcraft and a PhD in Film and Visual Culture, all from the University of Exeter. He has been a Doctor Who fan from the moment he accidentally saw City of Death when he was three years old.

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