49. The Night of the Doctor

‘Physician, heal thyself.’

Released as a webcast in the prelude to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, The Night of the Doctor (2013) revisited Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor 17 years after his sole TV appearance. In just seven minutes, showrunner Steven Moffat’s characteristically revisionist return to the series’ past blends Doctor Who lore from diverse eras and media with images of rebirth and resurrection, and questions of identity.

  • Pages: 76
  • ISBN: 9781913456115
  • Author: James Cooray Smith


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About the Author

James Cooray Smith has written Black Archives on The MassacreThe Underwater Menace and The Ultimate Foe, as well as a Silver Archive on Sapphire & Steel. He has also written an Iris Wildthyme novella for Obverse, as well as contributing to many other publications, including The New Statesman and the production subtitles for the BBC Doctor Who DVD range.


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