The 500 Year Diary (Volume 1) – Paul Castle

The 500 year Diary is a story guide in multiple volumes – but unlike every other guide the 500 Year Diary will cover every single individual Doctor Who story – in every format – from “An Unearthly Child” on 23rd November 1963 to, well, to whatever happens to be the absolute most recent story when we get to the end of the last volume!

Volume 1 runs from the first episode of ‘An Unearthly Child” to the final part of TV Comic story “Nova” on Dec 3rd 1973, taking in every TV episode, comic strip, Annual story, stageplay, movie, sweet cigarette card, slideshow¬† etc on the way (in telly terms it cuts off just before Sarah’s first adventure).

Set out in a chronological diary format (i.e it goes day by day with no reference to Doctors Рso no Big Finish in this first volume!)  with linking essays, commentary and recommendations from the author.

  • Pages: 271
  • Cover Artist: Ryan Hall (cutouts) / Cody Schell (design)


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This is the ultimate guide to the stories of Doctor Who (and beyond: it covers the Dalek adventures from TV Century 21 and the Annuals too!) It’s exhaustive. You literally will never need to buy another Who episode guide ever…


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