68. The Happiness Patrol

“Have a nice death!”

The Happiness Patrol is perhaps one of the most peculiar tales in Doctor Who. The story gradually gained a reputation as a gay rights allegory then, twenty-two years after broadcast, became the focus of press outrage over alleged BBC bias, before being name-dropped by the Archbishop of Canterbury in his Easter sermon the following year.

So this Black Archive asks: is The Happiness Patrol queer? Is it really political? Why did it take so long for the press to complain? And what does the story really say about happiness?


  • Pages: 142
  • ISBN: 9781913456481
  • Author: Mike Stack
  • Publication Date: December 2023


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About the Author

Mike Stack is a writer and academic. He is currently an Associate Lecturer in Social Sciences at Birkbeck, University of London.

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