09. The God Complex

‘Why is it up to you to save us? That’s quite a God complex you have there.’

Drawing deftly on sources from the Theseus myth to Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Shining, The God Complex (2011) expands a one-line brief about a shifting, labyrinthine hotel into a tragic commentary on the Doctor’s fallibility and Amy’s misplaced faith.

Unsettling, disorientating and frankly terrifying, Toby Whithouse’s story considers fear, belief and the series’ fundamental question: Who is the Doctor? Is he a hero, or simply ‘a madman in a box’?

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About the Author

Paul Driscoll, an Oxford University postgraduate in theology, currently lives in Greater Manchester.

Paul has written of his love for Doctor Who and other classic British cult TV in the You and Who series of books, including Contact Has Been Made, Blake’s Heaven, and You and Who Else (Watching Books).

He is the author of The Silver Archive #4: Stranger Things Season 1 and The Black Archive #25: Doctor Who (1996).

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