A Target for Tommy / A Second Target for Tommy

The two Targets for Tommy, fund-raising collections of Doctor Who short stories, written by some of the biggest names in Doctor Who, were created in order to help out a good friend, and Who fan, Tommy Donbavand. Currently proceeds from their sale goes to foodbanks and homeless shelters in the UK.

Available as a zip file for immediate download, containing both mobi (for Kindles) and epub (for everything else) files.  Over 600 pages of stories for only £20!

Includes a ‘lost’ scene from DAY OF THE DOCTOR – written by Steven Moffat for Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, before the actor pulled out!  Plus stories by Paul Magrs, Barry Hutchison, Stuart Douglas, Philip Ardagh, Eddie Robson, Steve Cole, Paul Cornell, Andy Frankham-Allan, Daniel Blythe, Kate Orman, Jon Blum and many, many more…



In memory of Tommy Donbavand, 1967-2019.