A Treasury of Brenda and Effie

That night I dream about Whitby. 

It’s the place that Effie says I belong to. I’m sitting in a cosy room, with a small window overlooking a storm-lashed town. I can hear the sea, an endlessly restless noise. The fire crackles in the grate and I’m sipping a very sweet and delicious drink from a tiny glass. The woman called Effie is sitting across the room from me, but goodness – she looks ancient. She’s like a wizened old hag sitting there. 

Effie is talking in between sips of sherry and she’s making plans. Plans of action, of attack. We’re involved in a kind of… yes, series of adventures. She’s talking like the whole world is depending on our working together to foil not one but several kinds of evil menace.

What a bloomin’ palaver! 


Nine brand new stories about Brenda and Effie’s adventures in Whitby by Greg Maughan, Jay Eales, Tony Jones, Andrew Lawston, Matthew Bright, Morgan Melhuish, Neil O’Brien, Nicholas Campbell and Selina Lock, with a prologue by Paul Magrs.



  • Cover Artist: Matt Bright


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The Notorious Horkum Asylum – Paul Magrs
Conga of the Living Dead – Greg Maughan
Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Jay Eales
Brenda and Effie: Many Happy Returns – Tony Jones
The Scottish Flap – Andrew Lawston
The Ragged School – Matt Bright
The Sons of Kalevala – Morgan Melhuish
Crystal Balls and Clackers – Neil O’Brien
Brenda’s Bad Day – Selina Lock
Eff the Unknown – Nick Campbell

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