Brenda and Effie: Beyond the Veil


Things have changed in Whitby. Brenda and Effie haven’t been seen for some time and the Bitches’ Maw has closed up. It seems there are no more monsters…

Or are there?

Cathy is opening up a new bookshop in an old building that was once a very dusty, unsuccessful antiques emporium. After an ill-judged séance she finds that the deceased previous owner has a vital message for her…

With the help of Franky and her sexy cousin, Harry, Cathy investigates the swanky new boutique hotel next door, and its charismatic and domineering owner Alan Danby. He and Cathy seem fated to be friends from their first meeting… but everything goes awry when the inquisitive bookstore owner finds out all about the horror kept hidden in the hotel’s attic.


  • Cover Artist: Paul Magrs



‘Wonderfully witty and deliciously dark. I adore these characters.’ – Essie Fox, author of Sunday Times bestseller, The Fascination.

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