Skaldenland (Jim Mortimore) (Ebook)


In the grand traditions of Brian Aldiss, Alan Garner and Ray Bradbury, Skaldenland is the story of Chad and Brun, who find the Symphonion, an ancient music box which plays even without song disks. The Song of the Symphonion turns summer into winter, calls giants from the stars, wakes gods and monsters from the Earth. Now brother and sister find themselves living out a terrifying war between Freya, leader of the Valkyries and Hel, Goddess of the Underworld for the soul of Baldur, a warrior-god condemned to hell by the woman he loved. But as icebergs fill the bay and an army of the dead invade the land of the living, is it the gods or the teenagers who will die?

  • Format: EPUB and MOBI


The Symphonion must be silenced before the world is destroyed – but how?

NB This product is a downloadable zip file containing both an epub and mobi version of the book


  1. Andrew

    On the hard copy of Skaldenland the book is described as Jim Mortimore’s “first original novel.” No doubt that this is intended to indicate that the characters and situations spring entirely from Jim’s own imagination rather than ones shared from the likes of Doctor Who, but is, I believe, somewhat deprecating as I have personally always found his stories to have more original thought than many “big” names in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Skaldenland is no exception, the story revolving around two, remarkably self-possessed, teenage siblings whose summer holiday at a small English coastal town takes a step into the realms of the fantastical after becoming the owners of an antique Symphonion music box. Skaldenland is a strange (in a good way), rich confection and deserves the reader’s full attention as there is a lot to take in. It is an eerie and evocative read. My only quibble would be that if your attention wavers it can difficult to follow the dialogue; a few more he saids and she saids at the end of sentences would have very simply resolved this. But this may be a reflection on my reading habits (I tend to read on my daily train commute); perhaps a reader who can devote the hours in an extended read will not experience this distraction. Read and enjoy!
    4 out of 5 stars. It loses one star because of the dialogue issue and a few irritating typos. (Ignore the star rating on the page, it wouldn’t let me add more..)

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