Forgotten Lives 3

A third and final set of FORGOTTEN LIVES tales…

A person is the sum of their memories. A Time Lord even more so.

But some people live so long that there is no longer room for all the memories; they find themselves diminished, whittled away piece by piece…

For many years, Doctor Who has implied that William Hartnell played the Doctor’s first incarnation — but in The Brain of Morbius, we were given glimpses of eight stern-faced men in assorted historical costumes — Doctors before the one we know as the first.

What were they like, these forgotten Doctors? What worlds did they visit, and what adventures did they have there? Who were their companions, and who were their enemies?

And perhaps just as interesting — what sort of stories would this forgotten prehistory of Doctor Who have told?



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  • The Seven Scholars and the Storyteller’ by Simon Bucher-Jones (featuring the Christopher Barry Doctor)
  • ‘The Country of the Young’ by Philip Purser-Hallard (featuring the Robert Banks Stewart Doctor)
  • ‘Scientific Advisor’ by Daniel Tessier (featuring the Christopher Baker Doctor)
  • ‘The Swan and the Flame’ by Kara Dennison (featuring the Philip Hinchcliffe Doctor)
  • ‘Hope Springs’ by Chris Wing (featuring the Douglas Camfield Doctor)
  • ‘Admission to the Unknown’ by Ian McIntire (featuring the Graeme Harper Doctor)
  • ‘Who Needs Enemies’ by Jay Eales (featuring the Robert Holmes Doctor)
  • ‘The Lungs of a Birastrop’ by Paul Driscoll (featuring the George Gallaccio Doctor)
  • Edited by Philip Purser-Hallard.
  • Cover art by Jon Huff.
  • Cover design by Cody Schell.

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