From a Story By… Volume One

Often described disparagingly as a sort of authorized fanfic, condemned as poorly written pulp, designed only to attract the cash of sad fanboys and girls, tie-in novels in fact range from purely functional transcriptions of tv scripts, through extended adventures, bizarre sidesteps and variant timelines, all the way to works of genuinely high art.

What were once the most ephemeral and throw-away books imaginable have, however, recently found themselves as collector’s items in their own rights, discussed on mailing lists, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.  Particularly rare editions can swap hands for hundreds of pounds – and yet there is no magazine which concerns itself with their existence.

From a Story By… aims to remedy that lack…

Sold out in A5 paperback mag – but the electronic version is still available!

  • Pages: 98


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The Long-Ago Land of Second-Hand  – Mike Wild

A Galaxy Far, Far Away…   – John Peel

Dark Shadows Comics: The Classic Era  – Geoffrey Hammell

Red Dwarf – The Saga Continuums  – Daniel Tessier

The Kids from Fame  – Jenny Shirt

The Department of Lost Things  – Rylan Cavell

Zardoz Writes to You – His Literary Ones  – Simon J. Painter

Foreign Language Books  – Kieran Seymour

Choose Your Own Adventures  – Dominic Berry

Hammer Film Tie-Ins  – Jules Burt

Paul’s Beach House Bookshelf  – Paul Magrs

The Dreaded Bedroom Giggler of Christmases Long Ago  – Stephen Hatcher

The Little Golden Books of Disney  – Andrew Kaplan

With illustrations by Bret M Herholz and Chris Browning.

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