Ice Hot

Paradise Towers really is ice hot!

Or at least that’s what everyone told themselves at first. But then the youngsters became Kangs, the older ones became Rezzies and the Caretakers forgot who they were altogether.

But as society crumbles in Kroganon’s greatest creation, there’s still room for anarchic wallscrawlers and rebellious caretakers, damaged war veterans and regretful architects, forbidden romances and daring escapes. There’s even a moment spent in a certain infamous temporal Empire.

Perhaps the Towers can be made ice hot again…


  • Pages: 218
  • ISBN: 9781913456511

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Stephen Wyatt, the original creator of the Doctor Who story, contributes an introduction and a specially-written story.

Also featuring new stories by Grace Haddon, Tim Gambrell, Dylan Crawfoot, Finn Clark, Mags L Halliday, James Middleditch, Matt Jordan, David Richards, J.E. Hogsed and Paul Driscoll.

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