Paradise Towers Collection

A trilogy of ice Paradise Towers related goodness, with non-fiction, fiction and a new short story collection from the creator of the Towers himself (no, not Kroagnon!)

Black Archive #61: Paradise Towers

Although the second story in its season, Paradise Towers (1987) was the first in a new era for Doctor Who. It represented a concerted effort to move the programme away from an over-reliance on continuity and towards something more relevant to contemporary viewers. This Black Archive places it in its wider cultural context and considers what it says about aloof architects and impersonal architecture.

Build High for Happiness

Obverse presents a new set of tales set in Paradise Towers, fully licensed from, and with a new story by Stephen Wyatt.

Join our writers in a trip to Kroagnon’s great masterpiece…

The Wallscrawler and Other Stories

“I like to think that Stephen Wyatt wrote his scripts naked and surrounded by candles.” – Anonymous contributor to Doctor Who Magazine.

A feast of monologues from the creator of Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

There are stories here inspired by Stephen’s Doctor Who work, some of them specially written for this volume and others available in print for the first time. But there are also Stephen’s quirky and challenging takes on some of the odder episodes in the Old Testament, and a collection of short pieces written for BBC Radio 4 where they were read by the likes of Bernard Cribbins, Dora Bryan and Sian Phillips.

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