Sexton Blake: The Silent Thunder Caper

Sexton Blake Library #6.1

Philip K. Dick Award winner Mark Hodder re-introduces Sexton Blake’s old enemies, the Three Musketeers. Commissioned by rogue antiquarian Mathew Cardolak, the criminal trio sets out to steal a valuable artefact from the most secure vault in the British Empire, a chamber hidden deep beneath an Army base inside the Rock of Gibraltar.

Also, THE WIRELESS TELEPHONE CLUE by G. H. Teed: the tale, dating from 1922, that first introduced the Three Musketeers. At face value, they appear to be vacuous “Bertie Wooster” types, but the facade hides the ruthless cunning of three master crooks!


Sexton Blake: the deductive intellect of Sherlock Holmes; the gung ho action of Indiana Jones!


  • Pages: 272
  • Cover Art: Mark Manley
  • Author: Mark Hodder


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