Storyteller – A Found Book

In memory of our friend, Matt Kimpton, who died in September 2012, we took the book names from the Other Titles section of a copy of The Ghosts by Antonia Barber and wrote what we thought might be the stories behind them.

All profits to Cystic Fibrosis charities (so you can’t use voucher codes to buy this!).

A paperback edition is available via Lllu:


Strangers from the Sea – George Mann

Moon Eyes – Stuart Douglas

Grandad with Snails – Nick Campbell

Doctor Syn – Ian Potter

A Daughter of the Samurai – Andy Smillie

The Hanging Tree (From the MI666 casebook) – Cavan Scott

Honey in the Horn – Mark Manley

The Unicorn Leacock – Orna Petit and Jacqueline Rayner

Put Out More Flags – Sarah Hadley

Black Mischief – Elizabeth Evershed

Harlic – A Story of a Grey Seal – Simon Bucher-Jones

The Devil’s Children – Richard Wright

A Note On The Text – Nick Campbell


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