06 – Stranger Tales of the City

The knights hospitaller have just woken to a second life in a City the size of a galaxy. 

Two strangers from a far-distant future are flung together on Resurrection Day. 

A window-seller visits a claustrophobic suburb and finds it full of mystery. 

A Remake gunslinger seeks a new role from the one he was  always meant to play… 

In this, the sixth anthology in the City of the Saved series, we meet a host of human and not-so-human characters getting to grips with life in the afterlife: alien adoptees with no previous experience of human cultures; Citizens permanently missing and not merely misplaced; priestesses of long-forgotten religions; posthumans with their own baffling version of the Civil Tongue; a viral strain of humankind that has never known community… 

The City is full of strangers and these are their tales.

  • Pages: 184
  • Cover Artist: Blair Bidmead
  • Editor: Elizabeth Evershed


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Farewell to a World – Alexandra Marchon

Mourning the Story – Robert Shepherd

Riding Shotgun on a Stage from Grief – Paul Hiscock

Bubble People – Richard Wright

Philology: The Real Professional Bag of Tricks – James Bojaciuk

Buried on Sunday – Jay Eales

The Wandering Child – Kara Dennison

Linking Material – Elizabeth Evershed

Postscript – James Bojaciuk and Elizabeth Evershed

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