A Target for Antoni

Our friend Antoni Fletcher-Goldspink is a transdimensional beacon of generosity and talent. Many of us have had our lives lit up by this hilarious, sexy, cosmic homo. Now, after a devastating medical diagnosis, is their time of greatest need.

To help in their move to a more suitable home and to make their life a little bit easier, there’s all kinds of fundraising efforts going on. Some of us decided that we’d like to do something to help in the best way we know, so we’ve put together this amazing and unique fanthology which contains work by many fan favourites, and includes the very first piece of Doctor Who / Iris Wildthyme fiction written by Katy Manning herself. Julie Hesmondhalgh’s fabulously moving Who-themed poem is worth the cover price alone!


  • Pages: 200


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Doctor Who Haiku: for Antoni  – Julie Hesmondhalgh

Luna – Katy Manning

Spa Day – David Richards

The Soundless Ones – Stewart Sheargold

The Lost Series of Jago & Litefoot – Matthew Bright

I Was A Teenage Sex-Bondage Slave On Miasimia Goria – The Planet Of Pain – John Ainsworth


Dr Who and The Faceless Machines – Robin Bland

The Invisible Light – Richard Unwin

Old Friends – Jenny Shirt

Sweet or Salted – Sophie Iles

Doctor Who: The Purple Hat – Antonio Rastelli

Season 13  – Paul Magrs

Hot Date – Nigel Fairs

Doctor Who and the Last Taniwha – Brad Wolfe

RuPanda’s Jamboree Show- Rylan John Cavell

Generations – Roy Gill

Doctor Who: The Baba And The Lost – Paul Phipps-Williams

The Past Is What You Can Remember – Neil Chester

Return To Devils End – Paul Burns

TBA – Joe Lidster

With artwork by Paul Magrs, Sophie Iles, Neil Chester and Aaron Lowe.

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