Terra Exitus



We, the disenfranchised of Earth…

Following the death of his Mother, he goes to London to attempt a new life. Lost and at odds with humanity, he muses on leaving the planet on the first alien ship to come to Earth.

A new relationship encourages him to seek out like minded people and he builds a website to find others who similarly wish to leave…

  • Pages: 147



TERRA EXITUS is Scott Liddell’s second novel, following 2011’s THE BEATLE MAN. He is a popular photographer and the man behind the Dark Edinburgh website.

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  1. Doug Mair

    The star rating gizmo is not working for me but I’d give this 4.5 stars.

    First and foremost it’s a great read, well plotted and beautifully written but it’s also a philosophical exploration if you care to go there. It’s a poignant journey seen through the eyes of a lonely soul. Despairing at the state of humanity he accidentally creates a viral hit with his plea to quit the earth with the first alien visitors. You get caught up in the protagonist’s life, empathise with and care for him but it also gives you another dimension to ponder long after the words have faded from your memory. Tender, funny, dark, authentic.

    This is a book with a message that’s worth discovering.

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