The Black Archive – Volumes 41- 50

The fifth set of 10 Black Archives at a special discounted price, and with couriered shipping worldwide!

#41: Vengeance on Varos by Jon Dennis

#42: The Rings of Akhaten by William Shaw

#43:The Robots of Death by Fiona Moore

#44: The Pandorica Opens by Philip Bates

#45: The Deadly Assassin by Andrew Orton

#46: The Awakening by David Evans-Powell

#47: Stones of Blood by Katrin Thier

#48 Arachnids in the UK by Sam Maleski

#49: Night of the Doctor by James Cooray-Smith

#50: Day of the Doctor by Alasdair Stuart

  • Pages: 1000+


Additional Information

Dimensions 148 × 210 cm

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