The Curse of Fanfic


Have you ever made up your own stories based on favourite telly shows, or wondered what would happen if two or more of your most loved characters came together in one great mash-up of an adventure?

Between these covers you’ll find such unexpected bedfellows as Basil Brush and Larry Grayson, Steve Zodiac and the Alien Facehuggers, Doomwatch and Tomorrow’s World, Inspector Gadget and the Cybermen, and many more.

Edited by Paul Castle, creator of legendary fanzine Shooty Dog Thing, with new fiction from the likes of Iain McLaughlin, Paul Magrs, John Dorney and many others!

PRE-ORDER NOW – CLOSING DATE 1st September 2020.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 189


26 stories – one for every letter of the alphabet, covering almost 50 shows – crossing over and colloding with one another, creating glorious, gleeful fanfic chaos!

Addams Family, The Monkees and The Beatles

Basil Brush and Larry Grayson’s Generation Game

Cutie Honey vs Mazinger Z

Doomwatch and Danger Man

Eerie Indiana

Fireball XL5 vs Alien

Goodies and Space: 1999

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Inspector Gadget

Jonathan Creek and Jason King

Knight Rider and Airwolf

Lost in Space

Match of the Day and The Omega Factor

Nanny and Super Mario Bros.

Only Fools and Horses and Dynasty


Quick Draw McGraw and Brisco County Jr

Red Dwarf in Man Alive

Sooty & Co. with Iris Wildthyme

Time Team with Sapphire & Steel


Van der Valk and Doctor Who

Worzel Gummidge and The League of Gentlemen

X-Files and Rentaghost

Young Ones

Zorro and The Wild Wild West

PRE-ORDER NOW – CLOSING DATE 1st September 2020.