Faction Paradox: Weapons Grade Snake Oil

“There she goes. Running flat out. Little Sojourner. Not really dressed for a sprint. Moves pretty fast for a woman of her age though. She’s carrying something. Hard to see from this far away.

Maybe, if we moved a little closer.

Sojourner has a gun in each hand. She swings them, awkwardly as she dashes across the gravel. Barefoot. Her evening dress looks a mess. That backpack looks heavy. There’s a sheen to her dark skin. But, look; it isn’t sweat. It’s blood.

That isn’t a pattern on her dress either. That’s blood too. Her braids are spraying a trail of red in their wake. That’s a lot of blood.

It’s not her blood.”

  • Pages: 208
  • Cover Artist: Lawrence Burton
  • Author: Blair Bidmead


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Imagine Ocean’s Eleven, only with Santa Claus, a giant cybernetic mammoth and a horny Kraken.

And you’re still not close…

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