10. Wild Thymes on the 22

Iris has always been a bit of a name-dropper. She was there when it all began, when it peaked, when it started going pear-shaped. Iris was there: tinkering with the spaceship design on the Star Wars set, upsetting Warhol’s films in the Factory, sexing it up with Chaucer, conjuring ghosts with Kate Bush, cross-dressing and undressing with Fanny and Stella, and arguing for her very existence with a nefarious biographer known as Magrs…

Pop star, fashion diva, writer, artiste, botherer, ratbag and liar. She’s done it all. Or undone it all.

Now, in this exclusive tell-all collection, taken from her journals, we hear Iris in her own words and get the inside gossip on her wild times…

  • Cover Artist: Paul Hanley


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Raiding Iris’ diaries this time around are…

The Heart Pendulums – Steve Cole
Rain and Regency – Neil Chester
Iris Wildthyme & the Bush Offensive – Stewart Sheargold
Drowned in Moonlight – Kenneth James McGowan
The Most Faithful Panda in the World – Richard Wright
Hillbilly Heavens – Brad Wolfe
The Haberdasher’s Tale – Brendan Jones
The Exploding Somewhat Inevitable – Philip Marsh
The Brightest Stars in the Demimonde – Matthew Bright
Starstation to Starstation – Jon Wesley Huff
The Magrs Conundrum! – Vivienne Fox
Untitled No. 22 – Cody Schell

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