Zenith Lives!


The Blood of our Land by Mark Hodder

All the Many Rooms by Paul Magrs

Curare by Michael Moorcock

The Albino’s Shadow by George Mann

Zenith’s End by Stuart Douglas

  • Pages: 161


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For much of the first half of the twentieth century, the detective Sexton Blake appeared to be a cross between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, as he foiled super-villains and evil geniuses time and again in the pages of boys comics. Foremost amongst those villains was Zenith the Albino, an opera cloaked gentleman with a taste for danger and excitement and little thought for personal safety. Obverse Books is proud to present new Zenith adventures from some of Blake’s biggest and best known fans!

With new Zenith stories from Michael Moorcock, Paul Magrs, George Mann, Mark Hodder and Stuart Douglas.

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