Silver Archive #8 – Millennium

“The time is now.”Millennium is the greatest show you’ve never watched — and its second season may well be one of the most perfect seasons of television ever made. Although created by the same team that struck lightning in a bottle with The X-FilesMillennium is at once more personal and larger than anything its sister show managed. By turns experimental, visually striking, apocalyptic and occasionally downright hilarious, Millennium explored the cultural fears of a changing America in the late 1990s. With fears of a looming apocalypse, the rise of serial killers, cults and the evolving nature of religion, the series stood at the intersection of cultural fears between the twentieth century and 9/11 — and predicts a devastating worldwide pandemic.

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About the Author

Stacey Smith? is a professor of disease modelling and an author and editor.

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Author Stacey Smith?
Subject Millennium
Page Count 156
ISBN 9781913456276